Marianne Musgrove


As a presenter with ten years’ experience, I run book talks and creative writing workshops for children in classes R – 7, and for community groups of adults. I’m also a fully qualified social worker and enjoy equipping children with the skills to cope with worries through my worry workshops.

Types of sessions

  • Interactive author visit where I discuss the process of writing, focusing on one or more of my books
  • Creative writing workshop on general fiction, historical fiction or poetry
  • Coping with Worries workshop based on my novel, The Worry Tree. This includes interactive exercises and games including puppets, art, writing, and a fun science experiment.
  • Half-in-half session. I begin with a typical author talk or writing workshop followed by a selection of the worry coping exercises.

My rates

My sessions run for one hour, for which I charge the *discounted rate of $220 for the first session of the day. I charge a further $130 for a second session on the same day. Longer sessions may be negotiated.

I can take thirty to sixty students for an author talk (extra students negotiable) and up to thirty students for a creative writing workshop.

(* My rates are discounted from the usual Australian Society of Author Rates which are $300 for one session.)

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“Marianne’s ability to field questions, while speaking with the class about the concepts within her stories and the writing process was especially impressive. Our classes were very enthusiastic about her novel and felt privileged to have a visit from the author. Many students told us later that it was very inspiring to meet someone who gets paid to write, and to see that it is possible to be a writer in Australia. Following Marianne’s visit, our students were much more enthusiastic about our creative writing assignments. For many of the male students, it was the first time they had read a novel with a female protagonist. In some of the boys’ writing, we started to see more female characters making an appearance. Marianne is incredibly kind, caring and professional, and having her as a guest in your class is a fantastic opportunity. I wholeheartedly recommend her visit as an invaluable incursion experience.”

– Krishan Persaud, teacher, Adelaide

“Marianne presents writing activities related to her novel with clear explanations and in a professional manner. She’s well prepared for workshops and has a variety of material to help engage students according to their learning abilities. Marianne is able to build upon classroom reading, and on the activities associated with of her novel, to bring unique perspectives and moral considerations that are appropriate for student mind growth. I highly recommend Marianne presenting workshops at school.”
– Lillian Allen, primary school teacher, Adelaide

“I’ve seen Marianne Musgrove run her Worry Tree workshop at Kirinari Community School. I find that she related to the participants in a loving, caring, supportive and non-judgemental professional way engaging them in a variety of fun, interesting and educational activities. I noticed a few shy students were engaging in her activities and saw students implementing techniques taught afterwards. I enjoyed her workshop and highly recommend it.”
– Eliza R., voice & sound therapist

“Marianne Musgrove presents with confidence and calming charm, consummately at ease and ready to delight and entertain with a smidgeon of wit tossed in. A born storyteller, she leads you into her world and with down to earth honesty draws from her own experiences and imagination to captivate you in her presentation.”
– Lorraine P., librarian

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